VodaPeroxide - solves the most difficult problems in water treatment value chain

VodaPeroxide is automation based peroxide solution which combines:
  • industrial measurements
  • industrial logic
  • ICT solutions such as cloud services
  • Peroxide knowledge
  • The catalyst which guarantees high reduction rates for bacteria and viruses
VodaPeroxide can be used in multiple areas such as:
  • toxic gas removal from waste waters (H2S, NH3)
  • disinfection solutions
  • biofilm removal solutions
  • difficult microbiological removal solutions
The automated peroxide system feeds the active substance to water stream so that the quality of the water is monitored online. This means that the optimum amount of chemical is fed to the water stream even if the quality of the water varies. The common problem on feeding systems is that the flow based feeding ratio is not optimal when the quality of the water varies and the chemical consumption is high.

VodaPeroxide has been tested/used in several countries such as Finland, Brazil, Saudi-Arabia, South-Africa and Russia.

Saudi Arabia reference