Reference- Saudi Arabia Manfouha WWTP

2015 Riyahd’s biggest waste water treatment plant, capacity 700000 m3/d

Problem: Severe H2S content and multiple corrosion problems

High H2S (>400 ppm) content and corrosion problemFlow of raw sludge 4000 m3/d (2/3 digested and 1/3 thickened)

Solution: Peroxide system

The chemical was dosed to raw sludge collection tank (V=500m3)H2S online measurements after the sludge centrifuges from reject water


Instant reduction on H2S content on collect tank and after the centrifuges24h after the chemical dosage start the target limit (max 10ppm H2S) was reachedThe sulfide content on raw sludge reduced 24 8 mg/l