Water treatment solutions for industrial needs

Vodaflo is now known as Lamor Water Technology Ltd. The company name was changed after Lamor Corporation Ab purchased a major part of shares of Vodaflo. Lamor Corporation Ab is a well-known environmental solution specialist from Porvoo Finland. Together with the company name change the official location was changed to Porvoo to Lamor head office.

This merger strengthens the position of the company in the market and provides the global sales and wide distributor networks of Lamor Corporation Ab. The personnel of Lamor Water Technology are integrated to Lamor organization and sales from now on will be done under the Lamor brand starting from 8.3.2021. Vodaflo name will stay and serve maritime customers in Finland.

CEO of Lamor, Mika Pirneskoski comments: “This merger opens an opportunity for Lamor to provide larger integrated solutions in the field of environmental services and we believe that Vodaflo expertise will also serve our existing customers with their needs.

All our services and products can be found from www.lamor.com and personnel reached from emails: firstname.lastname@lamor.com. Phone numbers will remain the same.

Business ID (2531587-7) and billing addresses will remain the same.

Lamor Corporation Ab – Larsen Marine Oil Recovery – is a family owned company established in 1982 and specialized in environmental protection services. At current date Lamor has three main business lines: oil recovery, waste management and water treatment. Lamor is a global market leader as oil recovery equipment supplier with a circa 40% market share. Lamor has business in 104 countries around the world.

Vodaflo Oy - is a 2013 formed company specialized in water treatment. Vodaflo has become a global player in the field of water treatment in recent years with main customer segments being in the marine industry. This combining link to Lamor operations opens up the possibility to offer larger packages to selected customer segments.

More info about the solutions can be found from www.lamor.com